Creative Space

The right time. The right stuff. And an open mind.

My time. I’m a morning person. My internal clock wakes me at 5 am. Clear head. Rested body. Empty mind.

My stuff: Coffee made. Laptop on. Ready to go. And, always pen and paper to scribble random thoughts and jot to-dos in the margin.

An open mind. I start anywhere. There may be an idea bubbling up. So I start there. Or I flip through a book. Pick a word. Google a concept. Within seconds, I’m creating. I don’t know where it will go. I just follow it wherever it takes me. Dorothy on the yellow brick road.

This is my creative space. It’s open. My tools are minimal. Yet the connection to the world-wide web maximizes possibilities. It’s an excursion into the unknown.

In what ways might you give your creative self space?
How might you better support the creative experience?

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